Starting your own online business from scratch

The internet has changed many things in the business world. More and more people are now transitioning from the traditional brick and mortar to online business. All thanks to technology and innovation.

People worldwide now have several platforms that they can use to start any online business and start making money as long as they have a smartphone device or computer with an internet connection.

How to Start Your Online Business from Scratch with Affiliate Marketing or Amazon FBA
Starting an online business is an easy task. It doesn’t require any special skills or expertise; neither do you need to break your bank account looking for capital.

Affiliate Marketing on Amazon is not business for any specific people. You can start it at any time, whether and with lower costs. Below are the guidelines.

Set Your Online Business Goals
The first step that will determine how far you go with your online business is defining your goals. Know what you want to do now that you have the freedom to choose what you want.

Ensure you set easily achievable goals. Also, determine what you want to achieve and after how long. Having the goals will help you stay focused and dedicated to fulfilling your dreams for an online business.

Learn Basic HTML
Once you set your goals, you need to learn about Hypertext Markup Language. It’s a process that will help you know how to create web pages and applications.

Today, HTML is less complicated than it was a few years back, and you can quickly learn how to format text, insert images, and create hyperlinks. Starting your online business without HTML skills can be challenging in the long run.

Pick a Niche
There are various niches on Amazon that you can choose from. But if you already have a preference, you can go ahead with your choice. However, if you have no idea where to start from, decide on various niches such as hunting gear, books, music, electronics, kitchen appliances, and cosmetics, among other endless choices.

You may also want to consider the commission earned from each niche so that you know what suits your expectations and needs and make appropriate decisions.

To become successful with affiliate marketing on Amazon FBA, you need to pursue niches with high commission volumes and high demand. Let it be a niche that you enjoy doing or have expertise in. Some of the niches could be brands within your city.

Set Up Your Web Hosting
Web hosting is cost-effective, and you can pay next to nothing for the web hosting services. Some services require you to pay a small monthly fee, and that won’t hurt your pocket. In this case, you’ll get unlimited domain names that allow you to run multiple sites for different niches on one hosting package.

Pick Your Domain Name
Using your name as a domain is common when launching a personal brand as the author, lecturer, or expert. You can also decide to give your website a name relevant to your niche.

Choose a unique but easy selling domain name. Let the word be keyword-rich, and you can do this by searching for words that your potential customers can explore when looking for your products. Check and compare your domain name against those already existing.

Go Ahead and Register the Domain Name
Domain name registration is cost-effective for about one or two sites, but it can go between 10 to 20 sites. Look for a cost-effective service provider to save on costs. Be sure that you understand the costs for subsequent months or years to make informed decisions.

Install WordPress
WordPress is a free option that allows you to market your brand and drive traffic to your site. It is easy to install, and you can post quickly. You can leverage the platform to publish blogs and articles. Once you install WordPress, you can link it to Amazon to get payments after purchases.

Design and Make it Appealing
Customers love appealing sites. They tend to find well-designed sites credible, and that’s what makes them stay loyal to the brand for more extended periods. WordPress is easy to design with flexible design options.

There are ways to customize the site to fit your style by using WordPress plug-ins. The site also has various templates that give you control over creating your desired design. Use the email marketing tool to extract your website visitors’ contact details and follow up with them later.

Categorize and Sub-categorize
Setting up content categories and subcategories makes work easier for customers on the search engine. If you do this, you easily organize your entries and help your site visitors only focus on the content within their areas of interest.

Sign Up on Amazon as a Marketing Affiliate Associate
Signing up is simple, quick, and free. Go on Amazon and click on the link at the bottom of the page showing “join Associates.” You can do this even without having content on Amazon.

Once you sign up, you’ll get a legal disclaimer for transparency purposes. Part of the information is that you’re now an Amazon Affiliate and that you can get compensated.

• Now, go ahead and create blog posting links and bookmarks.
• Create Amazon Build-A-Link Bookmark and Link.
• Develop your first link.
• Write the product review and publish it.
• Market your Amazon Affiliate Site.

Benefits of Online Business
Allows You to Spend Time with Your Family
An online business comes with a lot of flexibility, allowing you to create schedules and chose the time you’d want to work. In this case, you’ll have ample time to spend with your family for hours, days, or even weeks. In all this, your business continues to operate as usual.

family holding hands

Gives You More Time for Hunting Trips
Having flexibility means that you can choose to work from anywhere around the world. You can go on your trips and still have your business running. This is the opportunity to create time for things that truly matter to you with unlimited time.

Create More Time for Vacations
You can never go wrong with an online business when you want to have time off to relax. It doesn’t matter where you want to go, and that doesn’t affect your business operations. You can cruise all corners of the world while your business is fully operational.


Be Your Own Boss
There’s nothing as good as having the freedom to do anything you want. That kind of freedom comes when you have an online business. You choose what to do at your pace. There are unlimited possibilities to make significant decisions about your business without anyone stopping you.

The Bottom Line
As the world continues to evolve too first, millions of businesses continue to transition from traditional to online operations. Luckily, unlimited opportunities and benefits come with affiliate marketing, which continues to change people’s lives for the better


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