How to create more free time for your self?

One of the most common conversations you are likely to overhear in the subway is one friend complaining to another about how life has become so busy they can hardly squeeze in time for lunch with each other, let alone time for a vacation.

Man tired.

The truth is this story is true for most of us. By the time you get home, you are so tired that there is little if any energy left for yourself. Now, if this runs for a whole year over several years, you end up with a miserable existence, and in some instances, it could turn to depression.

If you are tired of this life of all work with no time for play, then this article is for you.

In this article, we shall look at various ways you could reorganize your life to create some time for play and take away the proverbial dullness tag from your life by indulging in your hobbies as often as you like. We will look at common areas where a lot of time is lost without a corresponding gain in value.

tired of commuting

One obvious way how time is lost is through the daily commute to and from work. It is estimated that in the United States, a typical will lose about an hour on a two-way commute, which adds up to about seven hours a week lost. The numbers will skyrocket if you are involved in a sales job that consists of a lot of travel to meet with clients. In some instances, you may even find that you are losing more time on the commute than on the substance of the work, which is likely to be even more frustrating.

Again, on one of those days, you cannot seem to get to the subway in time, and you miss your train that may end up costing you two to three hours of your day.

Driving to and from work can be another time losing activity, especially if you live in a city characterized by heavy traffic on-peak hours. The situation worsens when there is an occurrence on the road requiring diversion of traffic.

An average American loses about a week and a half annually to the journey to and from work. The ironic part is very few get that much time for their hobbies, underpinning the importance of reviewing your life to improve not just the quantity but also the quality of your leisure time.

couple working on laptop

It follows that eliminating the daily commute time from your schedule can end up placing more time at your hands for that trip to the gun range, skating park, or another hobby that will float your fun boat.

A clear path to this lifestyle change is by exploring and taking advantage of the various online working opportunities. Online work still makes sense even if you were to consider the time-saving aspect alone.

Your energies are preserved as well, and the chances of someone in your commute spoiling your day cut by a hundred percent.

Working online has another distinct advantage that promises to release even more time for your hobbies. Unlike the regular nine to five job that requires approximately eight hours of the most productive time of day, online working allows you to work from anywhere in the world and at the time of your choice.

This means you get the opportunity of prioritizing your hobbies by planning a work schedule to allow maximum time for your hobbies. What is more enticing with this form of work is it also allows you to choose the time of day or night to work, meaning you get to choose the optimal time for your leisure activities.

The geographical flexibility adds to the attractiveness of online work. It allows you to travel to wherever your hobby wants you to go without having to worry about making it to the office on time. It is also important to note that the online jobs platform is very inclusive, covering all skill and expertise levels while also providing easy and fast training for the newbies.

Affiliate marketing

And for the proverbial bonus cherry on top of the regular cherry, a lot of the better opportunities like affiliate marketing do not require much in terms of initial investment, making it easily accessible to most people of humble means. To break it down a little farther, affiliate marketing is simply selling on behalf of another and earning a return mostly on a commission basis from your sales. One of the most attractive aspects of this form of business is the revenue sharing model where revenue is determined by the outcome of your efforts in a way placing you squarely on the driver’s seat as far as how much you can earn is concerned. This is critical as it means you can manage your workload to meet your financial obligations, including any costs to make your leisure time more enjoyable.

Amazon FBA

Another exciting opportunity in the online work market is the Amazon FBA business model. It has a different approach from affiliate marketing: under the Amazon FBA program, you are a complete stand-alone enterprise in a large market place where you choose the product to sell, who to sell it to, and where to source it from.

This platform provides a more significant opportunity to benefit from your unique selling and business acumen by giving you a free hand in all aspects of the business.

Amazon FBA also includes a training module for newcomers wishing to join the program, meaning you do not have to go in blind farther, cutting down the risk involved in this business model. It also allows you to take advantage of other tools at your disposal, such as a blog, to improve your chances of success.

While it is impossible to discount the influence a good source of livelihood has on one’s quality of life, lack of time to enjoy your hard-earned money can cast an unpleasant cloud of despair on your life. Switching to affiliate marketing or the Amazon FBA can be the answer you have been longing for as it gives you more time to indulge in your hobbies while protecting and improving your cash generation ability.

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