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5 tips to start an online business

Just as you think you might be living the American dream you find yourself questioning everything. You are married with young children and you have a fantastic home out in the country. The commute into the city is grueling and you are really beginning to feel as though you are missing out.

You have one child who is 7 and finally finding her way with activities and friends. This is such a fun age where she has learned how to read and is embracing math facts and wanting to tell you everything about her day. Gymnastics practice is every Thursday but it is right at 5:30 and you are stuck in traffic just trying to get home.

Meets are on the weekends but your boss needs you in the office for a project. It is hard to turn down the over time because your 10-year-old is in his last year of elementary school. You know you need to begin saving up for everything that comes along with middle school because you already have a 12-year-old experiencing it first-hand.

The sporting events that your kids want to attend, concessions and school parties all add up fast. When you put so much focus on your kid’s activities and then maintaining your home in what free time you might have you realize that you are missing out on self-care as well.

When was the last time you went camping or on a vacation?

You only get to go on a date with your wife a few times a year and that is far more than you ever get to go fishing or hunting with your friends.

The daily routine has been wake up, get ready, make coffee, drive to work, work all day and eat a cheap sack lunch, drive home, have dinner with the family and fall asleep because you are too tired to do anything else. Something has to give.

There must be a way to make a better life from the luxury of your own home. It seems like a dream, right?

Sleeping in past 4:30am would be like being on vacation. The idea of enjoying a cup of coffee at your home office while you set your own schedule is something you never thought would be attainable.

This is how high-ranking corporate bosses are able to live but this is not the typical lifestyle for a country dwelling dd of 3 kids. You have put your family first; this is something you are very proud of and should be proud of but there is a way to keep them first while enjoying your life a bit too.

Take the reins and become your own boss. You can start a business online and become successful. There is a risk, but there is a risk with all changes in life. Letting fear and the chance of failure rule you will get you nowhere.

You will need to build your business but when you consider time saved commuting and the savings from fuel and maintenance on your vehicle from daily wear and tear you will actually still do quite well. Once your business flourishes you will find yourself loving life again.

      The benefits of your own online-based business will be:

  • You are the boss so you create the schedule
  • You will see your family more
  • You will be able to be an active participant in your children’s’ activities
  • The time saved from commuting can be put towards projects, hobbies and fun
  • You pick your own vacation time and over time

Following 5 tips will help you to create an online business. The success of your business depends upon how much you are willing to put into it during the startup process and getting your family on board. All new businesses, online or in person, require complete dedication during the startup phase. This is where you build your beginning customer base. Getting past this hurdle will be the key to the 5 steps falling into place.

1. Find Your Niche

If you have a hobby or skill that you enjoy this is your niche. You cannot expect to just brainstorm and come up with some million-dollar idea overnight. You need to recognize what your talents are and embrace those. If you enjoy wood working this could be your niche. If you have built web pages in your spare time for friends and families then this could be your niche.

2. Create A Logo and A Website

When people think of brands, they often associate those brands with a particular logo or name. Think of your favorite soda, cereal or clothing brand. Those popular logos that popped into your head are what makes those brands unique. Once you have established your logo build your web page. If you do not have this skill make sure you outsource this. Marketing and consulting companies have teams of design specialists on hand that can do this for a fee. Your website must be easy to navigate while putting all basic information on each page.

3. Become Social Media Savvy

Life has been busy and you may not have the time to browse social media to connect with friends and family. Now is the time to embrace what you have neglected. Make a business page and create social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest if applicable. Once you have your account you must post daily. Sometimes several times a day. Post information about your business, inspirational quotes relative to your niche, crowdsource and inspire friend and fan participation in exchange for “one lucky person will win” and offer a deep discount or random flash give away.

4. Market Your Business and Use Affiliate Marketing

Make sure you market your business across several types of customer bases. You can also sync up with other businesses and recommend their products or services. This is a way to earn a commission based on sales your affiliates will make. Businesses helping businesses is a great way to expand crowdsourcing.

5. Focus On Your Customers

This is where you will need to put all of your energy all of the time. Happy customers recommend businesses. Word of mouth is just as important as a social media and marketing presence. Make sure your customers know you are there for them and when they are happy, they will return and they will tell their friends and family about them. If your niche is selling goods you can outsource your packaging, shipping and fulfillment needs but utilizing Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) to take the stress out of getting goods to your customers. You can begin living the life you want to live when you take control and become your own boss. Follow these 5 tips to help grow your business and pave your way to success and more freedom.

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